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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Hi Greg,

When you did the re-submit, did you state in Notes to the Screener what you did to improve the photo? That's really key. The Screener can see your previous submission, but if he can't tell the difference, the result may be the rejection reason that you received.

With respect to the suspension, it usually takes something more than just one rejection, even for the reason stated above. What does your acceptance/rejection ratio look like? If you have one rejected for every half dozen or so submitted, the suspension would be a surprise. If you get one acceptance for every 10 you submit, then it may be that the rejection above was just the "last straw" in the Screener's opinion.

I wish I could offer you a lot of hope for having the suspension overturned, but we just don't hear many stories of that happening here on the forums. Did the suspension notice state how long you'd be sidelined?
Thank you for your input, that was the only reason they gave me. I get a lot of photos rejected, but for each reason they give, I try and correct and end up getting another reason for rejection. After about 2-3 times I just scrap the whole photo and try another photo. I've only tried to resubmit a photo more than three time once, and it ended up getting accepted (This one: ). I wish I would just get an email response back from them.
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