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I have just gone through this as well. I got banned from Appealing, which is fine. I can understand if they got tired of me appealing something such as a windmill tower train in not excellent sunlight ... I think it would be something worth clicking on, but they do not.

I am an RP Elite member, though, and have been posting to this site for 15 years now. I have 1500 shots on here. I go through periods where I get most chosen and others when I get an unusual number of rejections. I had a string of 5, including a repost of a different version of the aforementioned windmill tower train that I thought might make the cut.

Just now when I tried to upload an entirely different picture, I got this message:
"Your account has been suspended/banned from uploading photos. Please contact for more information."

I'm just shocked by this. I'm in the Top 80 in posted photos, and Top 60 in views. If they're going through the effort of suspending (or, god forbid, truly banning), at least I think I should be warned to what of my behaviors is annoying them.
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