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Originally Posted by John West View Post
That comment surprises me. Where would prefer the train to be? To my eye the placement is about perfect. Which goes to show that there is a LOT of judgement in this game.
It looks "about perfect" to me as well, but what would make it perfect would be what this guy said:

Originally Posted by Holloran Grade View Post
It would look better if it were closer to the brush on the left.

Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
5D mark 1 doesn't exactly machine gun.
I feel your pain. I had a lot of shots with the train not quite perfectly placed (in my eye) when I used to shoot with a 5D. The 60D is faster, but I still wish I had a camera in the 7-10 fps range. That would alleviate me from experiencing the nagging "if only the train were perfectly placed" emotion.

Originally Posted by jac_murphy View Post
Photo looks just fine to me, too, placement-wise; frankly, asking for it to be closer to the brush seems somewhat nitpicky...
I agree 100%. But that's what being OCD about some things in life does to you. You know that leveling obsession I have? Well, it also applies to train placement on bridges.
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