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Originally Posted by BUFFIE View Post
For anyone that has been banned, is it 'for---e----ver'?
From what you've said, you haven't been banned or had your upload limit reduced. Rather, it sounds as if you somehow managed to exceed some threshold that resulted in your appeal privileges being revoked. You can still post your photos.

Question: Do you know how many shots you have attempted to upload in the last year and how many you have appealed? Often, we see threads started by folks who have lost one privilege or another, and the OPs make it sound as if they are victims of a heavy-handed Admin.....but when Admin chimes in with the rest of the story, we often find out there's a lot that the OP didn't tell us.

I think that in the last 10 years, I have appealed a grand total of 14 times, all but a couple of which were accepted. The most I ever appealed was in 2010 (4 times). The last time I appealed was in 2013. My approach is that I post the best of the keepers (vs. every last one of the keepers). If the site decides it does not want an image, I either try just once to fix it or move on to the next image. I have a Flickr site if someone wants to see the more run-of-the-mill stuff, or stuff that obviously doesn't conform to the RP rules.

Are the bans forever? I don't know from experience, but from what I read here, yeah, I think they are.

My RP stuff is here.

Link to my Flickr Albums. Albums from Steam Railroads all over the US.
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