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Thanks for the reply Kevin

I would not mind if an Admin posts my stats - I suppose its only fair if I post the email I did.

I honestly don't think I have a large amount of rejects and I don't automatically appeal a reject - and specifically the odd PAQ or unlevel (when I truly missed the focal point for leveling). Maybe the stats say differently but I feel I am successful and over the last month or two can remember a handful of rejects. I don't keep the stats since I delete emails but will start tracking.

I tend to shoot shots that are less scenery based (although I have had fun lately chasing trains through the Castle Rock/Greenland/Palmer Lake areas) and more urban/close quarters based.

Of the four rejects that were noted above as being accepted on appeal, I believe 3 of the rejects were for 'rule of thirds/crop' which I just thought was a questionable reject. I also try to put forth a clear case for the appeal. In the case of BNSF 3160 I pointed out that intent was to showcase the extended cab unit (one of 5 such units). On the UP 4455 shot I noted that the extended coupler on the front dictated the crop submitted. On the snow shot the reject was for 'open door' which I felt was not a detriment to the photo - and honestly never noticed the door was cracked open when I submitted it.

As you can see from my profile stats I am not setting any high bars with my photos (one people's choice and one photo of the week - for the same photo no less). I do tend to photograph certain areas or subjects multiple times. If its a Bluebonnet, Warbonnet or BN Cascade Green unit I'll usually stop to shoot and try to post those because I see how fast those units are cycling through the paint shops and coming out in the H3 scheme. I also tend to shoot the BNSF Denver Yard and UP North Yard a lot because of the nice variety of engines that can be found and figure that many folks don't have access to such yards.

I have posted a lot of shots of the Denver Rock Island because when the City of Denver cranks up the $1B redevelopment of the Stockyards area, I'm not so sure that the DRIR will still be around. Most of their industrial clients are being bought out for high priced condos and urban office parks.

I will submit a photo of a previous area when I think the photo is an improved shot over one previously submitted or where I might be uploading a shot in the newer 1600 format vs the 1200 format of the previous photo.

In the case of the Larkspur Bridge, its just a cool bridge from multiple angles and if a Warbonnet is on it . well then its a must post.

I truly appreciate being able to post the couple shots per day and spend quite a bit of time looking at and reading the other shots that are posted. I don't link my photos for the purpose of views and feel fortunate when a pic makes the Top Shots box. I also try to take the time to edit the photo and create the best crop I think looks right.

I still have a lot to learn about the camera and composition - but enjoy the chase of the train and selecting a couple to try to add to the data base.

Going forward I'll make the edit to reduce the incline and resubmit the Warbonnet. Its a moral imperative because....hey....its a Warbonnet.

And I'll try to see if I can go a month or two without a rejection.

Thanks for everyone's reply. Happy Foaming!
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