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Originally Posted by BUFFIE View Post

Now the old me would have wanted to appeal this shot because the cows were part of the intended scene.

The new me will accept and move on.

Working interesting elements like cows into the scene is a good thing, but stretching the scene to include them, and thereby messing up the balance of the image, doesn't work. If you crop the right to include only three cows, this will probably be acceptable from a composition standpoint. You will need to change the aspect ratio to something like 4x5 to avoid clipping the top and bottom of the telegraph pole, which also is a bit of a distraction. While refraining from appealing, the new you will be well served to take a critical look at the rejected photos to understand why they could be improved. That thought process will keep you out of hot water and eventually increase your success ratio, which means the old you would have a lot less to appeal. There's no penalty with the screeners if you resubmit rejected photos with alterations to address the rejection reason. Continual complaining about their judgment in the form of excessive appeals will result in negative consequences. When resubmitting note what you have changed in the comments to screeners.
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