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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
A much needed addition to the other 64 shots he has of it on here!

I kid, honestly.

Loyd L.
Good pick up Loyd. I'm surprised how many of my photos of this locomotive are on here! I made a 400-mile each way trip for these photos because it was nearly 2 years since that last time I shot it. I recall there is a rejection reason for this sort of situation. My point is that all the appropriate reasons should be given - such as "not able to be corrected" or "we already have enough photos of this train or location." Then there's less misunderstanding some of the reasons. Some, myself included, may overlook the need for balance in site content or, dare I say, "eye candy." By the way, some fine photos on your personal photography site link. This is run by new owners of flickr right?

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