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Similar talks with a new girl I'm dating, I explained it could be anything from flowers, boats, cars, whatever but I chose trains cuz they're cool and macho!

But all this talk about trespassing. Recently I was at the bridge that crosses the Colorado River between Arizona and California on the Seligman Subdivision. I was on the California side on Park Moabi Road. I had pulled off the road into a parking lot on the north side of the bridge. Within a few minutes a Ford Explorer pulls up and a woman gets out and approaches me. I see on the side of the vehicle the word " ____ Ranger". She approaches me very nicely and asks if I'm a train fan wanting to soot the bridge. said yes and she said I was going to have to leave but she would talk to me long enough to get my shot, plus it would make her supervisor in the vehicle think she was being thorough with her, oh I wanted to be thoroughly searched by her! Then she says I can't be where I am it's private property. I said it wasn't posted. Then she rambled about BLM property, private property, blah blah blah, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. She said I would have to leave. I explained the road was not private property but a public road, not much she could say about that even though she was trying to make it clear I couldn't even be in this area. I was pissed, I wanted to take night shots here. So I stated my piece of mind for a bit then got off the property and left, looking for any sign of anything saying private property or anything, nothing.

But in the end I didn't feeling like dealing with the "man" on this night or pushing the issue, but trust me, next time the bridge will be mine!

PS: I never got a train crossing but I did get the bridge! LOL
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