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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Your rejected image is the textbook definition of obstruction. The grass, tree, house, fence, etc. is not supporting the composition. The shot could easily be cropped to lose the left third of the image and not lose anything.

The first image you linked, while highly obstructing to the locomotive, does have composition interest to it. Not sure it deserves a spot here because of that however. I can understand why the second image was accepted because the foreground blur does offer more support to the composition in a panning shot.

So in conclusion, The screener(s) do whatever they see fit and we just accept it or move on. Judging by the site activity over the last couple years, the latter seems prevalent.

Loyd L.
Many thanks for your comments Loyd. How would you judge this one ?

Image © Bill Edgar
PhotoID: 725368
Photograph © Bill Edgar
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