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Originally Posted by Diamond D View Post
Sorry, I don't really get that. Are you saying there's one set of roster/wedgie criteria, and one set of "artsy" criteria? Obviously lighting and PEQ are wholly subjective calls, and plenty of shots get in on cloudy days or backlighting if the screener deems that they "work". But are "artsy" shots held to a higher standard with regards to criteria such as cropping because they could be slightly better? If so then like I said, that's where screener's comments should be used.
No, what I am saying is that artsy shots that are inherently more interesting than a wedgie, even in their current less-than-preferable technical state, will not get in and should not. RP is not going to accept an artsy shot with lots of flaws just because it is more interesting than the many accepted wedgies. RP will still hold out for improvement, in the various technical dimensions, of the artsy shot.

So, your next to last sentence quoted above, it isn't a higher standard, it is that the standard is not lowered just because the shot has higher artistic quality and so "on net" might be considered to already be equal to or more worthy than a standard wedgie. The "slightly better" criterion will still be applied.
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