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At one time, there were stated policies regarding the numbers of uploads. I think that as the Admins and Screeners ran into more problems, the policies may have morphed to the point where limits were imposed on a case-by-case basis. One of the Admins even posted here that he was issuing prorated refunds to Elite Members who were bombing the screening queue with shots that didn't come close to meeting site standards.

I've been posting here since early 2008. When I joined, I had 10 and I still do. Like everybody, I had my share of rejections in the beginning as I tried to get a handle on what would and would not work here. Even then, I never bombed the screening queue. I think the max I have ever uploaded was 7 shots in a day, and that was only after a charter in which multiple RP'ers participated. In that situation, if you snooze, you lose. Normally, if you see 4 or 5 shots from me in a week, that's a good week.

I think the key to staying on the good side of the site is moderation. Use the three-strike rule on shots. If you can't get it in on three attempts, put it away and move on. If you have more than 5 rejections in your box, take some time off and work with folks on the forums to address the issues. If you're new, submit only your very best...don't mess with the marginals. Take your time when processing a shot or fixing a reject. Don't be tempted to do quick fixes and resubmits. When the Screener sees the same bad shot half a dozen times in 3 hours, THAT'S the E-ticket to the doghouse.

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