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You're all part of the problem, in case you're wondering. If there's no publicity, then there's no promotion of the cause. I dare say Dan is a bit smarter then you all are thinking.

So please keep posting. Dare I say just copy / paste every thread on his facebook group here as he types them. It's obviously important enough to keep going. Maybe a direct link to there from the homepage? Maybe an award system where you get front page time when he links one of your shots? This IS important enough to warrant all this attention right?

Please don't let this thread die now. It's so important. Dan is fully deserving of this attention. It is a huge crisis when you're singled out on his page. Maybe start a "I hate Dan because he hates me" rebuttal site?

Please.. let this go... stop giving him what he apparently wants. It's not going to ruin your life if one person types a bad comment about you or your photo, and 5 people agree with him.

Or you can hate me for what I've typed. I promise I won't be starting up a webpage about it.

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