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Originally Posted by mp16dot39 View Post
Im not part of his group, but I do check up on it probably once a day just to see what he's after. He called on one of my shots, but I actually agree with him on how it probably shouldnt have been accepted lol. We're all just feeding the troll with this thread, and as much as its entertaining talking about him and how he is wrong almost all the time, it's just more of a motivation for him to continue posting on his group. Id say just ignore him and he'll get the message that we truly dont care.

Just my 2 cents.

I think this is now up to 7 pages now...enough. I don't know much about this clown, but he sounds like someone that needs attention, and like Bill said, we're giving it to him on a silver platter. I think this is the third or fourth hate thread I've seen about him now too...if you're seeing this "rat", you've got the attention you were begging for!
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