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Originally Posted by Norfolkwestern34 View Post
Oh and I would like to add that I have seen many worse pictures of the NKP unit on this website... and its a little weird that mine wont make it.
LOL! Diesel-Electrics may be called "units", but steam engines are "locomotives", "engines", "steamers"....anything but "units".

With regard to the STP rejection, I would agree that you would need to do some work on the sky and the plume. The histogram on that shot likely has substantial clipping on the right side, which indicates overexposure. Anytime you shoot a dark subject with a bright sky behind it, the potential for this kind of situation is definitely there. In such cases, remember: Expose for the highlights, develop for the shadows. You can always work on the shadowed areas in Photoshop, but if you completely blow out the highlights, there is nothing in the sky or the steam plume to recover. Usually, when you take such a shot, it is a delicate balancing act. You want it bright enough so there is some recoverable shadow detail, but you don't want to overexpose the sky so badly that the detail there is lost.

Assuming that you shot this as a raw image, you might try the "Recovery" slider in ACR and see if you can get the highlights in your histogram back on the scale.

Even if you pull off the shot, if you happened to be with a dozen of your RP friends, you might still draw a "Similar to Previous" rejection. You'll either have to be the first to get home and upload the shot, or you'll need to hold on to it until the Screeners have forgotten the others. Unless you own a helicopter, or you process and upload from your car, the latter strategy is recommended.

Of course, sometimes the Screeners have short memories!!

Image © Jack M. Jakeman
PhotoID: 406679
Photograph © Jack M. Jakeman

Image © John Sesonske
PhotoID: 406704
Photograph © John Sesonske

Image © Gary R. Schermerhorn
PhotoID: 406765
Photograph © Gary R. Schermerhorn

All uploaded within 24 hrs...

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