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Originally Posted by Norfolkwestern34 View Post
I would just like to point this one picture out... very similar to my second shot.

Overexposed plume, blown out sky, and dark on the engine.

I guess the signals and curve add something to this shot. No disrespect to the photographer.
Etiquette suggests you add - "In my opinion....". Or, "I understand the conditions were tough yet my own shot and Steven's share similar faults".

And - yes, you are certainly correct.

No offense to Steven, whom I ran into in Summerville, PA and was a pleasure to finally meet - that aside, I do find your photo more appealing and better processed. A little shadows and highlight filtering along with a slight boost in contrast afterwards would go a long way towards making Steven's shot all that it could be and, yes, you DO have to wonder why Steven's shot was accepted and why the tolerances fluctuate so wildly between screeners on RP. On the other hand, your shot was rejected for "similar to previous" despite the fact that many much more similar shots have been accepted - knowingly, I might add, as well as unknowingly.


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