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Originally Posted by BarrySr View Post
Curious; how so? That "rule" is in effect in a lot more places than just RP.....
Like where? Train picture places or general photography places? Your (not you specific, the other your) average train photo is the photographic equivalent of a family portrait on the family couch. The main problem with this photo isn't the lack of light on the nose. It might even be too much light on the nose. He should have let the nose go dark and exposed for the highlights. He should have processed for the same. The screener should have told him as much; if you are going to try and submit this image, this is about the only way to go because of the cruddy sky. Instead they said not enough light on the nose, and efforts are made to remedy it and it makes a pig's ear of the whole thing.

The point of my rant, circuitous as it may be, is that the rule is applied in almost a knee-jerk fashion it seems, with only cursory investigation of the image at hand.

The rule of train picture takin' sometimes turn interesting images into much more mundane images that would only interest the average train picture viewer. Is this the place for that argument? Probably not, but I felt like making it just the same.

The above is of course my opinion, and I expect it to be taken with the grain of salt afforded to a lurker and non-contributor to anything.

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