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Originally Posted by chris crook View Post
Like where? Train picture places or general photography places?
LocoPhotos, TrainPhotos, WGRF meets.....try the artsy argument there and you'll be laughed right out of the trading room.

Originally Posted by chris crook View Post
The rule of train picture takin' sometimes turn interesting images into much more mundane images that would only interest the average train picture viewer. Is this the place for that argument? Probably not, but I felt like making it just the same.

The above is of course my opinion, and I expect it to be taken with the grain of salt afforded to a lurker and non-contributor to anything.
Hey, you make valid points. My only question was how is it a dumb rule....I, for example, think it's dumb when your average Joe submits a front-coupled, backlit, rear-facing, cloudy day weed-overgrown picture of a locomotive and argues to death's door that it is a "great roster shot".

But to the photo at-hand? I do think it is a very likeable view. That pixelated sky just blows it for me, though.

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