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Originally Posted by wds View Post
Yes, it's different all right. Not sure what to think of it, it's uncomfortable to look at but that's obviously his intent. Normally I'd expect shots that elicit such a response to be making some sort of negative statement, like on war, poverty, starvation, etc. Not getting the statement on "roundhouse" here, but zeroing in on the top of the unit on the turntable does yell EMD (or in this case GMD) loud and clear, and in a positive manner! That part of the image I can relate to, I guess the rest is art!
Since when does art have to be negative? Seriously, I think that is a pretty bad misconception, although I think common. To shift to another genre, "Ode to Joy" is not about war/poverty/starvation etc. Religion, and for that matter beauty, are also themes in art.

And, I'm not trained in art, no art historian or critic here, but one can also have art that just "is", especially in abstract work.

Aside from that, my personal view of some art is that the artist or the "serious" art world attach meanings to art that do not actually exist in the work. Almost as though there is some sort of club, and I'm not a member.
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