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Lol - those two photos have less in common to me then several diesel photos I've seen posted on the same day.

I'm glad RP's memory is shorter then most of it's patrons as I can not only appreciate the fine nuances between the two images, but also tend to judge a photo on it's own merit rather then who had posted first.

I also think it's great to be able to view a photographer's work as a whole on RP.

Great shots both - it will be interesting to see how timing alone can affect the perceived appeal of an image. Granted there is something to be said for an original shot but these were created at the same time. Still, not all shots from Morant's Curve are equal in appeal despite who presented theirs first. Exposure, processing, weather, subject, angles and perspective - all variables that can elevate the appeal of one over the other depending on who's viewing the image.

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