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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
What would be the most stable of the current options?
I've had only one finalized DVD-R become unplayable (out of hundreds).

Not that I would store photos on VHS tape, I recall predictions in video-oriented media that the tapes would last about 10 years. My oldest tapes recorded in SP mode are nearly 40 years old and play perfectly!
Write once BD-R HTL optical media would be the current optimal long term storage option, with estimated life expectancies from 100 in standard storage to 1000 years or more in better storage conditions.

For someone that prefers to be a little more hands on, I use spinning external hard drives (rotated out every 2-3 years) and a RAID 5 setup in combination to keep my files. Storage at home in a fire safe, and off site at my bank. Redundancy's the key for me. Stay away from SSD's for this type of usage though.

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