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The hobby seemingly goes through this cycle every 5 years. A bunch of long-time fans I know were seriously saying they were throwing in the towel because after CSX and NS got their fleets all painted up and the leasers returned, "everything was crap." Some even hung up the cameras briefly, and along comes the NS heritage program. Next thing you know, these guys went from kicking rocks around the parking lot and drinking sour grape juice to entering the push to "join the 20 club" (photographing all 20 units in the lead on the road).

So, give it a little time. Something will happen, whether it's a merger or some sort of new/special paint schemes that freshen things up. It has happened consistently throughout my 35 years in this hobby, and I don't expect it to quit. I'll be here shooting whatever I can, whenever I can in the meantime.

Finally, the only thing I would say I have as any sort of concern with the younger fans is SO many seem perfectly content to just take crummy photos and/or videos with their phone. The majority seem to take little to no interest in serious photography; just need to snap something to post to social media, and that's good enough. I definitely see much less serious camera gear trackside.
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