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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
For someone that prefers to be a little more hands on, I use spinning external hard drives (rotated out every 2-3 years) and a RAID 5 setup in combination to keep my files. Storage at home in a fire safe, and off site at my bank. Redundancy's the key for me. Stay away from SSD's for this type of usage though.

Loyd L.
I also have my imagery backed up on a bunch of HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) stored in-house and off site. But I had to look up the reason why Loyd doesn’t recommend using SSDs (Solid State Drives) for photo storage and back up. You would think that SSDs would be great for this type of storage, since they don’t have all the moving parts of a HDD and are more shock resistant. But be aware that all SSDs still store data in electrical charges, which slowly “leak” over time if left without power. Older, worn out solid state drives can start losing data in a year or two if left without power in storage! So at this point anyway, it appears that current SSDs are not suitable for archival purposes.

Mike Danneman
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