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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post

As for phone stuff, considering what "equipment" they are shot with, it's impressive that some are good enough to be accepted here.
Been there, done that. Because I still shoot slides, I popped this one with my phone to show to a few friends via text. I decided it was decent enough to put on Flickr, and might even have been accepted here.

I have an LG something or other (sorry, just not that into phones) which is roughly 3 years old, and the camera is quite good.

On the storage media conversation, this is precisely what scares me into staying with slides. I know myself way too well, and know I would have thousands of unprocessed photos on useless storage media in no time flat. I just do not have the energy or will to properly file my images. That's not why I'm in the hobby. And it's a very necessary part of the hobby with digital photography.
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