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The Potash train may run on Friday again?? so depending when you leave, it is still a maybe.

Now I am only talking from general knowledge, if you google Cane Creek Branch or Potash local or Moab dirt train other things you may get real current info.

I believe this still runs???
There is also a dirt train. This is a train of contaminated soil from mining that is trucked to a loadout. The loadout is on the line to Moab but before it makes a turn away from the main highway to go toward the Potash Mine.

Just as general scenery and looking at parts of the line if you go to BLM across from Arches, hike to Corona Arch, trail head is on road to Intrepid mine and Arch has view of line, however dirt train does not run that far. If you are doing the scenery hiking thing Corona Arch is a nice hike.

Hope someone has more exact info.

E/B Amtrak is a good shot on the mainline in the AM. Not sure of traffic density but don't think it is high.

Bob Jordan

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