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Originally Posted by vcode455 View Post
Geez, 10 Screeners choices near Lombard Canyon in the past 3 years. Is that the only scenic place on earth?
You are all jealous.
Look at what I have found: 5 pictures of the same location, with same light, same photographer = a total of 5 screener choices and 1 photo of the week = 6 RPNet prizes (only one people's choice though!). Isn't that fully justified?

To make a fair comparison, let's take another exceptionnally scenic place, Switzerland (oops! this is not in the USA! ... but if the RPNet team is fair, that doesn't matter). So, Switzerland has 15036 pictures in the database, is a truly scenic railroad place - nobody will discuss that -, and has a total of 25 SC and POTW. Relative to 15036 pictures that is a ratio of 1.66 per thousand.

Now Montana where Lombard Canyon is located has "only" 5883 pictures in the database, and 106 SC+POTW prizes. That is a ratio of 18.02 per thousand. No pro-USA bias, I can assure you. Just a matter of jealousy.

You could do again the same calculations for many other truly scenic places of the World, like the Andes, with about the same results. No, there is no screener preference, no bias at all. As Donald would say: this is all fake news!
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