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Originally Posted by Moffat Road View Post

Loyd’s surely tongue-in-cheek remark about doing western railroad photography is “like shooting fish in a barrel” is not really true… or fair. There a lot of lines in the west that see very few trains and it can require a fair amount of time and effort to get good light and a train at the right time and place. Union Pacific’s Moffat Subdivision gets a lot of SC awards, but train counts today can be 4-5 trains per 24 hours, with counts as low as 2, both being Amtrak’s California Zephyr! Getting good photos of trains on this line is challenging and definitely not “like shooting fish in a barrel.”
I'm wanting to return to a time when you could incite a lively EARP vs WARP firefight on obscar with the mere mention of an advantage to either side in regards to scenery or effort. The truth is.. trains suck and I have no idea why anyone fools with them...

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