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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
By and large, the majority of American railfans don't have an interest in unfamiliar-looking trains like most of those in Europe, and I agree that most RP viewers are North American. I have posted a few foreign photos here, and they usually tank on views.

Jean-Marc should look at his own success rate at RP. Of his twelve SC's, two are from Iran and one is from France. The other nine are all taken in the western hemisphere, where trains look like those the US and Canada. It's not a persecution of foreign photographers, rather a preference for railroads that look and feel like those in the U.S.
Doug, basically, what you say is: this site is America - "majority" -, let’s keep it American, the rest is negligible (i.e. minority) and does not matter so much to the majority.

The problem is, the non-US audience, contributors, and number of pictures has grown in proportion, and the declared ambition “best on the net” is international.
I have calculated some other statistics in the past, that showed that the proportion of non-US pictures was steadily and significantly growing over the years.

So, there are 2 paths forward from here: either keep it American, or truly grow internationally. The America-only (or “America first”) version can’t satisfy non-US stakeholders in the long term (contributors, audience). And it will probably be without me.

The success of global aviation pictures web sites shows that the international route is a truly successful one.
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