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Originally Posted by J-M Frybourg View Post
Hi Mike, I do sincerely appreciate your photos a lot, they are truly great, no doubt at all about that. I even wish I could visit some of these great locations together with you one day!

My comments were certainly not directed at your work. I was just taking one example (apologies if it fell on your work) to illustrate what the team does not want to recognize:
- Despite what the site claims, this is not a truly worldwide repository of "the best RR pictures on the net". There is a long way to go, and many changes to do, before is fully aligned with the claim. This is not impossible; it can be done. But the objective deserves more open mindedness, "inclusiveness", and dialogue with non-US stakeholders.
- There is a real North American bias, with subsequent inequities. Part of the solution lies in incorporating non-US people in the team, including non-US screeners. This is what worldwide aviation pictures web sites are successful doing. They are truly international in nature, to a degree far beyond

The benefits would be great, reducing frustrations for non-US contributors, and attracting more of them, hence making a true worldwide reference, growing the audience, etc. Difficult to understand why the team does not take this route.

My motivations are positive: the growth potential for is big. Beyond the frustrations generated, today's limitations are a barrier to growing internationally.

PS: Note that I have already suggested incorporating non-US screeners in the past.

I appreciate the nice comments about my photography! Please note that I did not take your remarks personally. When you used my five Sheep Canyon photos in your example, you reminded me that even with a mountain backdrop, a lot of “western photography” is not “like shooting fish in a barrel,” since the trains can be scarce and waits can be long. One of those photos (Photo ID 624446) was the only train I photographed that day!

Mike Danneman

P.S. Glad you enjoy my photos too, Doug!
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