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Originally Posted by br_railphotos View Post
Providing you are referring to the top of the power pole - Those poles are quite tall, and one would need to shoot quite a bit wider to include the entirety of it. Wide enough, in fact, to possibly risk a poor framing rejection (centered train).

Perhaps a better option would be to remove they pole completely?

If both of your points were the screener’s issue, would they not ding it with a poor composition rejection? After all, they can also throw more than one reason for rejection, if needed (I’ve seen this happen to one photo).

Thanks for your constructive feedback!
Removing would be a large task. Assuming you were clicking away as train approached an earlier frame would be one with the 1111 maybe a little over the little boardwalk then a crop would be just before the pole. Assuming the image shown is not a big crop already a crop should be of good quality. I am assuming you already cropped somewhat so could make it work

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