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Originally Posted by br_railphotos View Post
Thanks, fellas. In regards to rotation, perhaps it could use a little? I tried to balance it, using an assortment of different objects in frame - power pole, signals, etc. Just to clarify, Joe, does it need to go CCW or CW? The signals actually lean left slightly (perhaps 0.3).
To me it looks to be leaning slightly to the left, so would rotate CW.

Originally Posted by br_railphotos View Post
Also, since you mention more of a side view, I'll post one other photo here. Previously, I had considered submitting it, but decided not to when the Fairfax photo was rejected. Same locomotive, same cloudy day, after all. Anyway, here it is. Taken in Bertram, IA.

Do you guys think this actually has a chance? Or should I just keep the 1111 series for other platforms?
I think this shot looks a lot more promising, but I'd still try and brighten it up a bit more before submitting.
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