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Ted - My mistake there - I thought I had posted the focal length (1050 mm) in the description. There is enough info to figure it out, but it would take far too much effort (500x1.4(tele) = 700. 700x1.5(aps-c) = 1050mm).

Bob - Thanks for informing me that the photos no longer show up. They do for me??? However, they do not show up in a different browser, not signed in. I'll do a little sleuthing to try to bring them back. I used a public Dropbox link to embed them. I assume this is somehow the issue.

I would post them directly, but the forum seems to have a limit on files one can upload.

Edit: Well, I believe it's fixed. I used a different method to to get the link, so, hopefully, it will stay functional this time!

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