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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
I don't get it - looks perfectly fine to me, the first one. The second is to orangy,
but I don't see the issue with grain. Perhaps two coincidental wrong rejections??
Thanks for the verification, Mitch. For the record, after the first color rejection, I warmed the temperature slightly, which usually addresses my color/hue rejections, and received a low saturation rejection. I pulled down the blacks to correct that issue, and got another color rejection, which lead to the grain/noise rejection. That means four rejections of an image that had no real issues to begin with.

Another issue that I have is that I have posted shots over the years that I felt had a legitimate shot at SC/POTW and have ended up with zero point zero. Subsequent reaction on Flickr confirms that they are compelling images, and I am not being egotistical. After well over four years since my last recognition from the staff and countless BS rejection rounds like this, it's clear that my efforts don't get the same benefit of the doubt that is given to others. Posting here has become more of a ritual than a desire, as Greg said in his OP.

Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Regarding copyright - there are several images on RP that are not originally taken by
the poster. Many are "from the estate of...." or "the collection of....", while others are
properly given credit which should suffice, especially when you consider none are earning
money for the patron posting.
If the poster owns the original image, I am fine with posting it here. A duplicate slide is not the original image, does not have the quality or copyright of the original. Even if the photographer is credited, the owner of the original may be quite upset with his copyrighted image showing up on a website when he has other plans for the image. RP's policies are quite clear on this matter.
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