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Default One of Those Days

Have you ever had "One of Those Days" when nothing seemed to go right railfanning wise? Today was one for me.

Overslept, and got started 2 hours later than intended.

Chose a primary spot to railfan that is right next to a man made reservoir. No nearby trees to hide under, and not a smidgen of shade anywhere. Oh, BTW, even though it is October 6th the weather in northern Ohio today was 85 degrees with serious humidity. The sun felt like it does in August, that is when it wasn't obscured by the huge clouds that kept popping up out of nowhere.

Train traffic was brisk, if you like shots with no light on the nose! I needed westbounds, and in 4 hours there were only 3 of them, one of which showed up just as the sun was obscured by a giant thick cloud!

Decided to relocate to a different spot. Somewhere along the 1 mile death march back to the car with sweat pouring out of me I managed to lose my lens cap. No spare in the camera bag.

Just as I arrived back at the car one of those thick dark clouds started dropping water on me. Not only did it rain, but the weather pattern was such that the rain followed me along my 14 mile ride to a different spot. Rained just enough to make it unbearably humid when the unexpected cloudburst ended and the sun began relentlessly beating down again.

Gave up and headed home at about 5pm. Eighty miles round trip, 1 lost lens cap, one hell of a sunburn, less than a handful of decent shots for the effort.

Baaaaaaaahhhhh! Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
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