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I've been having a run of bad luck. Mine mostly is being near the tracks with no trains in sight. I rarely get entire days when I can go railfanning anymore, so I hope to catch a train or two near where I live and work. Wednesday, I was training my replacemetn on the 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. shift. Since I'd been training him for 8 days and this was the last day, I left him on the live shot -- he was doing fine -- and found NS 338 waiting to head up the R line in Columbia with a CSX wide nose leading. Now it was 6 a.m. and still dark, but I had my tripod with me and set up for a shot. The second I set the camera up and pushed the shutter (on a delay_ the train started moving. I had wanted a still shot, not a blur shot, but since the light was low there was no time to get a good focus and I gave up on it.

Last Saturday was a rare day when I packed the family up in the car and we went toward Hamlet. We passed through South Carolina Centrl territory, Nucor Steel area and rode the entire Pee Dee River Railway and the only thing we saw moving were two PDRR GP16s.... way off behind some box cars switching a plant. Later in Hamlet, we mistimed some trains, others were running against the sun and then traffic just stopped. The only shots I took that day where of a just painted Pickens U18B in Laurinburg..... and that was before I realized I was shooting 400 ISO. Lots of noise in there.

The latest stretch of bad luck came when I found out I was finally getting off the morning shift. That was great news.... until I found out I was now working weekends.... literally two weeks before the Flagg Coal 0-4- #75 is coming to the South Carolina Railroad Museum. So now I can't go ride and chase the first steam engine to come to the state since 1994. (I do have tentative go ahead to shoot a story on it when they have Media Day though.)

So I can certainly feel for you for having a bad day. It's just that I've been having a bad month or two here lately.

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