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Maybe I'm a little off topic here but there's something I don't really like about long exposures. I'm not talking about stationary trains for a few seconds, I mean holding the shutter fir the length of the train type shots. They certainly don't qualify as manipulated, but still, it's just not what you see in real life. When I watch trains, even at night they're hardly a streak of light. I've never seen the stars appear to swirl above the earth either, at least not at a glance. But anyway, those shots are within the capabilties of the camera itself, no PS needed or double exposure etc., but I still don't care much for it. I do like night shots of cityscapes though, because a long exposure is the only way to get it bright enough to appear as it would to your eyes. As for the photo in question, has the photographer posted a reply yet, I'm not sure if there is a different name used in the forums or not? I'm sure admin has caught notice by now and will probably handle it from here.
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