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Originally Posted by RCH022 View Post
I was almost scared this question would come up out of embarrassment, but coming back from a 15 year break from photography I’m working with what I’ve got...As of now All of my editing is done on the iPhone default photo edit app as I do not own a PC at the moment (millennials I know), and as far as i know you can’t do any selective sharpening. And I use an app called “image size” to get it down to RP specs. That picture was taken on the “medium size” setting in the camera, was wondering if changing to small would be better since less of a downsize. As far as a link to the original, no. I could email it to someone I’d they’re that interested.
Quite likely could be a good portion of your problem here - I was afraid of that.

As others have said, resubmitting that photo to RP probably isn't a good idea. I would still like to see the original photo. This would be the only way to tell what the problem is, for certain.

The iPad has a bigger screen, but not necessarily a better screen. You'll be able to see the details far better (ideal), but the color/contrast may not be as accurate, depending on the model. Not that either option will be ideal - they aren't.

If you are to edit on the iPad (or iPhone), I'd suggest using Lightroom Mobile. The app is free for the basic version and $5 a month for premium. The basic version gives the ability to edit JPEGs with an assortment of features, with tunable controls. For instance, sharpening. Premium gives access to local adjustments, healing tools, and RAW editing.

Start with a perfect picture, in perfect light. Sun lower in the sky, no ugly shadows, and no nasty reflections, etc.. Good composition, and an interesting setting (around a curve, taken from a high or low angle, etc.). There are several threads on the subject of various rejections, worthy of checking out. This will give you a good idea what to watch out for.

There are a few things you need to consider/do, especially when editing on a mobile device. First of all, do not have the screen brightness turned up all the way. Properly set screen brightness is a must, whether a desktop computer/laptop or mobile device. For an iPhone/iPad, use about 50% brightness in a reasonably well lit room. Second, learn to use LRM's histogram to check proper exposure and contrast. Third, zoom in: A double tap on the image will usually expand the photo to a 1/1 pixel readout. Not always, which can be frustrating! Viewing zoomed in will be the only way to tell if your image is sharp. The same is true on a computer (Ctrl + 1 in Photoshop, on Windows).

Use LRM's "Export As" feature. This will allow you to choose the correct colorspace (sRGB), quality (100%) and resolution (1200-1600 pixels wide is ideal for RP, landscape orientation). If you can divide the original resolution by a whole number, that's ideal - no "guesswork" interpolation happens during the resize, in this case. Of course, this isn't always possible. Try to stay towards the higher end of the scale (1400-1600 px).

Next, review the exported photo. Zoom in. Does it still look sharp? If not, you might have to import the saved photo and add a bit more sharpening (e.g. 20 sharpening, 0.5 px radius, detail 25). Export with the same settings. Caution: every time a JPEG is re-saved (import-export again), it will loose some data. Do it once, at 100%, and it'll be negligible. Multiple times, however, is a very bad idea! Upload the file somewhere online (such as Dropbox...not Facebook) and triple check that it's sharp.

The best option, however, IS to buy a computer with a decent monitor...As well as a good photo editor. Editing on mobile can be done, but it's, obviously, not your best option.

First, though, check that the camera and lens are working together well, as far as auto focus and lens sharpness, as the others have mentioned.

And, of course, the folks here in the forums are a helpful bunch. If you're unsure about a picture, you could always post here before submitting, to ask for suggestions.

Happy shooting!


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