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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
It wasn't intended as a dig, but I do not understand comments about the screeners with no basis of experience. For the record you did comment in another thread within minutes of a post here, and I should have replied in that thread.
I don't see what is difficult to understand. I was responding in that post you quoted to another person on that thread who expressed a similar point of view - agreeing with him, essentially.

And I do have a basis for experience; I submitted one photo. Call it a "test." I intentionally chose a photo that was "coloring outside the lines" a bit to gauge their response. As expected, it was rejected for reasons that had nothing to do with the quality of the image (the "no light on the nose" bs). I can find a thousand "accepted" photos with "no light on the nose" on this site. So not only is much of what makes up their "rules" stupid and narrow-minded, but the "enforcement" of their "rules" is not consistent. If it is a "rule," the "rule" should have something to do with whether the image is pleasant to look at. If it is a "rule," it should apply to all images; if it is selectively applied, it's not a rule. I wasted no further time trying to please them, nor will I. My contributions are comments and suggestions on photos or in the forums, and that's it.

I never want to, even subconsciously, take photos in a manner that is directed to "pleasing" the type of "gatekeepers" (like the "screeners" on this site) that always seem to prevail in any railfan-centric "media." You know what's telling? When I show my train photos to "non-railfan" audiences, the photos that most often get an "oooh" or "ahhh" are the "backlit" shots with "no light on the nose" - or even (horrors!) backlit going away shots!

Let me tell you what I don't understand - I don't understand why people feel the need to defend the "screeners," when they reject plenty of perfectly good images and accept images that should be rejected.

Based on some of your more recent posts, you seem to be getting frustrated with the nonsense yourself...

You can see my pics here:
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