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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
If you go into the process predisposed to the notion that your images couldn't possibly be improved, RP is not for you.
This 100%, could not have said it any better. There will certainly be frustrations in the process, but there are certainly a lot of learning opportunities. Going through RP is one of the biggest ways I was able to improve my photography skills when I first started out.

I agree with this to a point.
1) one can make the argument that an image can always be improved, there is no doubt some of mine were BETTER off afterward, however, many modified were a difference without a distinction.

Here is a night shot at Michigan City, I have others, this one was shot with a longer focal length than I usually do and I posted the way I liked it, a little darker. I made no attempt to resubmit. This is an often shot area but 11th street will shortly torn up. Photo was well received other places.


For reference a shot a block away recently posted

I like your scene, but it is significantly darker than the accepted image. I did a quick edit of levels and cut down the orange saturation for this. I suspect that this may be closer to what the screeners want, but I'm probably a poor reference for insights into what they see or don't see.

Click image for larger version

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