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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
I have the Canon 6D. One of the best things Canon did since the 40D is Auto Sensor Cleaning.
Menu>Wrench 4>Sensor Cleaning>Auto Cleaning>Enable.
Now every time you turn on and turn off the power to the camera, the sensor will shake off the dirt. This works 97% of the time for me.
I do have to remember when I change a lens to turn on and off during a shooting session.
I used to clean my 20D sensor since it could not do it itself. I hated that for I never could get it truly clean.
I have never cleaned the 6D manually in the 4 years I have had it.
Any spots that showed up was because I would be outside, changing lenses and not turning the camera on and off at least several times during a long session.
I've not found the piezoelectric shakers to be that effective. Most of the dust that sticks either has to be blown off or wet-cleaned. My solution is not to change lenses outdoors. That really helps a lot. Not changing lenses on the fly also helps avoid lens-drop accidents....and missed shots. If I have to clean it, I have a sensor scope with LEDs, and I use the Delkin Devices swabs and cleaning solution. I find that I end up going through several swabs before I get it acceptably clean. The first pass usually makes the problem look worse than it was to start with.

Somebody out there wanna make a fortune? Invent a self-cleaning digital camera sensor that really does clean itself....vs. simply vibrating.

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