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Default Shadow on nose rejection

I like this favorite from 2019 as is even if shot down for not enough nose light. Sorry to revisit this again, but it does seem that any shadow on the nose of a locomotive is a no-no. Yet RP will accept shots of trains with good nose light yet whole side of train is in shade. Other photos rejected like this are equally as popular as full nose light shots posted on my flickr. The last time I had such a rejection a very minor tweak saw the shot accepted by RP and it again was as popular as other shots of the train with arguably better nose light. I wonder if it really matters to most folks. Obviously it matters to RP. And it seems to matter more than it did. I've seen comments here that many photos in the database from years ago would likely suffer the same fate as mine if submitted today. To get back to the photo in question, I would be interested in techniques that can be effective for this situation. I shoot RAW and edit in DPP and PS Elements 11.

If the rejected image is no longer available here is the same image on my flickr:

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