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Originally Posted by John Russell - NZ View Post
What can be done for blown out white on the cars?
Hi John,

I'd be curious as to what settings you have been shooting in bright sun and what your camera histograms look like? Typically, the only time I overexpose a bit is on cloudy days when the train is going to be dark. But when I say overexpose, I mean perhaps 2/3 of a stop, not 2-3 stops. A few blinkies on the LCD are fine for the actual shot, but if you are taking test shots, just make sure that darkening by a couple of clicks with the shutter or aperture will make them go away. If it doesn't, you are shooting too bright.

Typically, on a sunny day, I am anywhere from 1/640th at f/8 to 1/1000th at f/8 at ISO 200. Lately, I have been tending to shoot right in the middle of that range at 1/800th. I like a fast shutter, because my hands aren't the steadiest. Also, when I am shooting long telephoto (or close-up super wide-angle), I will jack the ISO to 400 most of the time to get a shutter speed of 1/1000th or greater. With most newer cameras, there's really no compromise in doing that.

Of course, all of this assumes you are shooting raw. Overexposure is fixable up to a couple of stops in raw, although I don't recommend pushing it too much. Overexposure on a JPEG relegates the image to the bit-bucket.

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