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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
In processing (photoshop, in my case), I'll create a layer copy for processing the blown out sections. Then, using the shadow/highlights tool, tone down the highlights to retain some detail. After that, I'll create another layer copy and move that above the layer that I just used the highlights tool on. Next step is to create a layer mask, select the brush tool, and then remove the blown out sections of that layer with the one below it using the brush. Quite often I'll set the opacity of that brush around 20-30% and then brush it several times until I achieve the look I want. Then simply combine the two layers.
In Lightroom, you'd just create an Adjustment Brush and paint the area with the exposure issue. Then, you can adjust the parameters for that brush until the adjusted area looks right. With the brush, basically all parameters that you can mess with in Adobe Camera Raw are a few more. It's a lot less work than layers in PS, and doesn't make the file huge. Not saying it is better.....just a different way of doing things.

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