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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I am in self-therapy, trying to teach my self to sometimes keep the camera down; but that strikes me as an advanced skill, not for beginners.

Before I got the Nikon D80, I was shooting Velvia 100 in 4x5 sheets quite a bit. At eight dollars per pop, if I didn't learn to pass up iffy shots I would have soon been flat broke!

I do sometimes just sit and listen to the train go by, without the intention of taking any shot at all. I love tight S curves. The wheels squeal!

"Every click in color slide days cost something like 30-40 cents. And then everyone got a motor drive or winder...$$$"

You could almost imagine the camera was full of quarters, and you were hearing it spit them out like water out of a hose.

Kent in SD

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