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I will often post my photos to FB after I post them here, but I never link them because there is no reason to unless I want to pad my numbers. I don't like linking but I don't know that there is anything we can do. It is just disheartening to have 15 or 20 people favorite your image only to be blown away by someone who repeatedly get 10X the views and only 3 or 4 favorites.

That said, FB does have a place for RR photos. The is a lot of really cool old stuff coming out of the woodwork. It may not be RRPics worthy, but it is cool, and in many cases, extremely rare. It is surprising how many shots there are on lines that have been gone 50 years or more. In most cases you have to be a member to post. There have been a few cases of members taking photos from this site and reposting them as their own, but the moderators are usually pretty good about kicking those people off their page. But like I said, there is some really cool stuff out there.....
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