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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Depends, doesn't it?
I think there are maybe a dozen of this line here(what I could see). Low light, end of day, fast line, side view, maybe KR25, maybe 64. I think he did pretty good.

I have never had any luck with any of my older stuff getting accepted without being sharp and free of blur, including a meet between two A-B-B-A sets of EL F7's (only the nearest unit was blurred) after the sun had set. This is a nice capture, and I would not object to it being accepted. Beside the low speed film, which most of us used into the 90's, the f1.7 and faster lenses that were common in the 70's were not available in 1964, so stopping a fast train on slide film in this light was just about impossible.
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