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Originally Posted by Milepost 58 View Post

I just started using Lightroom around the time I started uploading here. I liked the way it resizes without losing too much quality. But for whatever reason, the version I have says it cannot edit raw photos. I've never figured it out. But I'm tiring of the monthly ding on the credit card, so I'm hoping to find something I can actually purchase instead of "rent" for the rest of my life.
If you are paying for the Adobe Creative Cloud and your version of Lightroom does not edit raw photos, I would contact Adobe. I would not continue to pay them until they resolve the issue. Unless you are trying to edit raw from a brand new, not-yet-supported camera model, something is wrong.

At least a couple of years ago, you could still buy Lightroom 3.6, I think as a standalone. Not sure they still offer it. That version supported my D850, but does not support my Z6. I use the Adobe DNG converter to convert the NEF files to .dng files and that works just fine in my version of Lightroom.

Don't you love it that so many corporations have now adopted the business plan invented by the mafia? "Pay us money, or bad things will happen to your photos." IMHO, it's nothing more than extortion.

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