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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
One last thing..... I use Lightroom for most of my editing. I am not a fan of Adobe's "for-life subscription" plan, so I purchased the last version of Lightroom I could own myself. At some point, I may move to another, 3rd party platform. I like Lightroom because I don't ever have to SAVE, therefore permanently locking in any adjustments. Lightroom allows me to make adjustments and see the results without ever altering the original raw. Once I like what I have, I can output whatever format I need, such as a JPEG for RP. If I am up late some night, working on a difficult image, I can put it down and pick up right where I left off the next morning, still with full flexibility to back out adjustments I made the night before....and with a complete record of EVERYTHING I did. With PS, you have to SAVE at bedtime, thus locking in whatever you have done so far......and with no record of your adjustments, unless you wrote everything down on paper.
Kevin, you might look into Phase One’s software called “Capture One.” It’s actually a bit more powerful than Lightroom, and a perpetual license can still be had. I’ve considered switching myself, as I like the way it renders skin tones slightly better than LR.

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