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Originally Posted by SD70MACMAN
FYI: the trains have moved from that track near the stadium (the one Amtrak is on) to the now complete 4 main tracks in the foreground.
At the moment, they've got one track connected at each end of the new alignment to bring in and out work equipment. Last I've heard, the rest will be connected later this year, possibly in the fall.

I believe they are still removing the old I-90 on ramp and they may have some more signal work to do. Somewhere in that area a new Control Point will be located also, CP Stadium.

Anyways, I think you should have picked a school that could have been a little closer to a little more mainline rail action. Your missing out on all the excitement, atleast when there's no rail traffic you can always watch track equipment go back and forth... Oh look another tamper!

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