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Default Hi, I'd like to take a sec and introduce myself

My name is Patrick and i'm from michigan. I have one or two pics posted on this site. I am the moderator and assistant of I'd like to take a sec and tell you all about our website. is a Michigan based railroad forum that is run by a buddy of mine, Zack and he has done a great job of setting up a website that not only has a message board, but also a free place to upload you pics, and tons of operating info about the railroads in the michigan area. The site also has a spot for railroading in other states as well as an off topic section. Its very much like this site except you don't need our approval for your pictures to be posted. you can create your own albums and store train pictures as you like. We do however view every picture that is uploaded throughout the day and should it not be train related it will be swiftly removed and the poster will be notified of its removal and why it was removed. we currently have 132 members and guests who do not want to register can also post train related things in our guest area. Our guest area is not used often right now because most of our guests end up registering or contacting us and asking us to post things for them. The message board also has a thing called Private messageing. you as a member, my PM another member as you wish. many of us also use yahoo or another instant message device. I'd really like everyone to take a sec and come check our site out. I think once you've been there, you'll like what you find.
thanks for letting me plug our website. I am glad i finally signed up here. maybe i'll get to meet some new people. i've been a member of the picture portion of the site for a year or so now and check it several times a day. I think this is a good site though i wish the editors wern't so picky about my pics. Hello again and thanks.
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