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For Nikon shooters wanting a long lens at moderate price, the Nikon 200-500mm VR is close to being a no-brainer. It's bigger than what I want though. Tamron is coming out with a new 100-400mm f6.3, a very compact lens. No one has tested it yet, and I'm thinking the f6.3 is often going to be too slow to shoot wildlife. Here's a good run down of mid priced telephoto zooms by Roger Ciacala:

I'm still thinking of reselling the 300mm f4 I just bought three days ago, adding the inexpensive but very good Nikon 70-300mm AFP VR dx for travel/mountain hiking, and keep the 80-400mm AFS (for now.) I once owned a Nikon 500mm f4 and do miss its sharpness and f4 speed. I'll add that the older Nikon 300mm f4 AFS is going very cheap on ebay--$400! Very sharp lens, but no VR of course. Coupled with a TC-14e II it's 420mm on a full frame camera. The TC-14e II is also going cheap now that the TC-14e III is out. It's the bargain out there at the moment.

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